Support sites

Support sites increases attendance rates.

Technical support - a set of measures aimed at ensuring effective working life. Website maintained by professional developers our company - it's a great opportunity to get a quality resource high rates of visits, performing all tasks assigned to it.

That includes support from our company sites.

with our company, you get a full range of services, covering all the site's features:

  • Administration Web resource;   
  • creation of design and layout;   
  • programming;   
  • consulting services.


One of the most important criteria of the popular site is the relevance posted information. Users will not linger on the resource, where the News featured events of a year ago, or contains information on ended promotions and discounts.

Site Administration requires constant attention to the content, the more than in the case of posting on the site active services, such as news ticker, price list, catalog, etc.

Tech. support sites of our company includes:

  • create or modify the structure of the web resource;
  • modify or delete the old data;
  • development of new pages;
  • moderation forums and news feeds;
  • placement of unique content and image processing.

Design and layout.

Any web resource needs work design. This addition can be specific details, registration of new pages, etc. The emergence of new services and requires a serious approach to the design - innovations should attract attention and the same time integrate harmoniously into the overall concept.

To maintain relevance and contemporary look of the site must also be periodically re-design, that is a complete change of design of the site. Working with our company, you will get the assistance of professional designers and DTP that will turn your life into a work of art, clearly appropriate to the task.


Programmers our company modify and customize existing extension system and create new ones according to customers' requirements. Support sites from our company includes the development of any the necessary modules, components and plug-ins that enhance the functionality of the Web resource and allows you to add new, exciting services.


ordered those in our company. tracking sites, you get to contact support for a variety of issues. Experienced Consultants will explain how to publish materials to present them in the required as a resource on the page, place the module to add another menu item, etc. Our experts will explain step by step how to make a transaction, so that the owner site quickly learn to self-manage web resource.

Thus, the maintenance of the site by our specialists will you do business, without going into the technical issues of web resources, whereas it Ratings will continue to grow, increasing the number of customers and sales.